Wisdom Teeth: Everything You Need to Know

Today, most people do not have room in their oral cavity for the third set of molars without affecting the alignment of first and second sets of molars. Although some individuals have enough room to house wisdom teeth, the third molars may present bacteria risks and periodontal diseases in the difficult to clean areas of the mouth. Therefore, a general dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon may recommend removing your wisdom teeth in a virtually painless and quick procedure. A general D.D.S., or Doctor of Dental Surgery, may be able to remove wisdom teeth if the wisdom teeth are not impacted or do not affect other teeth. If the incoming wisdom teeth show signs of infection or potential cavities, a dentist may suggest their removal immediately. Most dentists recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth around the time of their development, between the ages of 17 to 25. At this point in an adult’s life, the procedure proves less complex because the wisdom have not fully developed roots or impacted surrounded molars.

Once a dentist or oral surgeon recommends the extraction of the wisdom teeth, a patient will schedule an appointment with the doctor who will perform the surgery. During the visit, any questions or concerns will be resolved and the doctor will explain the procedure, the sedatives and pain medicines used, and any side effects that may be experienced duringrecovery time. The procedure itself takes between a half hour and two hours depending on the condition of the wisdom teeth and if there are any complications. The price for each tooth extraction ranges from $100.00 to $600.00 depending, again, on impaction.

Prior to the procedure, an anesthesiologist will administer sedation medicine intravenously for most patients. Some patients prefer the use of laughing gas, or an oral sedative to numb the pain. After the outpatient procedure, the recovery period should last a few days to a week, until the dentist removes the stitches.

During the first few days of recovery, a patient will be unable to eat solid foods and may take pain medications for dull and consistent pain. There may be minor bleedingfacial swelling or bruising, the potential of dry socket due to blood clots, and minor discomfort.

Contact a professional dentist today to learn more about wisdom teeth and the services needed for individual cases. Dr. Ash and his friendly team at Studio City Dental Care offer many services for potential and existing customers in the Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and Toluca Lake areas. Call today to make an appointment or schedule a wisdom teeth consultation!

Dr. Ash is the founder of Studio Dental Care. He earned his Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by two General Residencies at New York-Presbyterian / Weill-Cornell Hospital and the UCLA Sepulveda VA Hospital.

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