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A dental implant is an ideal replacement for missing natural teeth. It’s placed directly in the jaw using a biologically-compatible titanium alloy anchor that acts like the root of a natural tooth. This allows the implants to be as stable and sturdy as natural teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not have to be removed for maintenance, and they’re supported directly by the jaw so that adjacent teeth are not affected in any way.

When you seek out our quality dentist for dental implants in Studio City, you can rest assured that:

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The Benefits of Studio City Dental Implants

This is the treatment of choice when only one tooth has to be replaced. The procedure begins with the positioning of the titanium anchor. After three to eight months, the prosthetic tooth crown can be custom-built over the replacement tooth root. While there’s a long healing and adjustment process, the results are far more natural and durable than with any other type of tooth replacement procedure.

Dental implants can even be used alongside dentures–even when all of the teeth must be replaced due to injury or disease. Patients who have had dental implants as anchors for dentures, often express a great degree of pleasure with the results produced by implantation.

Why Choose Us?

Implantation represents a major advancement in restorative dental treatment. Our esteemed dentist and dental staff are proud to offer this procedure for patients in the local and surrounding areas. Our dentist has the experience and attention to detail to produce the best possible appearance and function of your new smile.

Our dental team is happy to provide you with a free initial consultation to address any questions or concerns that you may have. We can also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure and create a treatment plan just for you. Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S. can bring your smile to the next level!

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