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Endodontics is the specialty within the dental profession that is concerned with the treatment of the tissue and tooth pulp that surround the tooth.

The general types of endodontic procedures include:

This type of dentistry also covers treatment of cracked teeth as well as of other types of deep, dental injuries. By saving your teeth, our endodontists can help patients keep their natural smile.

Our Studio City endodontist performs routine, as well as complex, endodontic treatment, including root canals that need to be treated again and endodontic microsurgery. His specialty in the field focuses on root canals with an emphasis on decreasing patient anxiety during treatment.

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Our Endodontic Services

Studio Dental’s endodontics specialist strives to remove discomfort from root canal procedures. After we make a small in the affected tooth, we remove the dead or infected pulp tissue and replace it with a filler that seals the tooth and prevents reinfection. Our endodontist in Studio City typically performs this procedure when our patients are under local anesthesia.

Root canals, with modern technology and treatment, can be efficient and effectively done with minimal discomfort. In fact, a root canal procedure carried out by our skilled specialist has the potential to be virtually painless.

We also have knowledge of which pain control medications to prescribe afterward to promote pain relief as well as rapid and safe healing. In addition, after root canal therapy, Dr. Alexander Ash places a protective crown over the tooth, which ensures its strength and stability and prevents any further damage. We work hard to repair and save badly decayed teeth through our effective root canal procedures.

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