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Teeth Whitening Services in Studio City

Our Los Angeles Dentists Can Help You Put Your Best Smile Forward

Teeth whitening is a process that has helped countless patients achieve the smiles they desire. This is a common art of cosmetic dentistry in Studio City. Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S. is happy to eliminate tooth discoloration and whiten and brighten your smile.

It’s commonly known that teeth become pale in color as you age, especially if you consume tobacco, coffee, or tea on a regular basis. Even if you don’t consume any of these foods and beverages on a regular basis, your teeth may lose their whiteness due the wear or loss of enamel over time.

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The Teeth Whitening Process

While there are many teeth whitening options available, not all of them are as safe or effective as the teeth whitening services in Studio City that we can provide. We offer the best whitening care by applying a safe whitening agent directly to the teeth.

Unlike many other methods that take several months to take effect, our safe solutions return teeth to a bright, natural color by removing stains and other impurities that cause the tooth enamel to become discolored.

At Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S., we meet your level of patient satisfaction, which is why we use modern bleaching and teeth whitening methods. This removes both intrinsic and external stains and allows you to have perfectly white teeth again.

These two types of stains affect your teeth in different ways:

Effective Alternatives to Our Procedures

While our in-office teeth whitening sessions provide patients with the fastest results, we also offer home teeth whitening. We provide you with bleaching trays along with instructions on how to use them safely, comfortably, and effectively to get the best results.

Take Advantage of Our Compassionate Care & Advanced Whitening Services

Today, bleaching and teeth whitening are simple procedures that can be done with home tooth whiteners or in the dental office under the supervision of our skilled cosmetic dentist. Dr. Alexander Ash is proud to provide whitening treatments that can make you feel confident about your smile

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