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Tooth extractions are necessary for several different reasons, including when a tooth has suffered from decay or damage that makes it beyond repair.

Extractions are also necessary in order to remove impacted teeth that cause:

It’s crucial to schedule tooth extractions as soon as they become necessary because if crowded, damaged, or infected teeth are ignored, they can cause a threat to adjacent teeth, nerves, and the jaw because of misalignment.

No matter how critical your dental situation is, you can count on our gentle and experienced dental team to provide pleasing results! Call today!

The Importance of Wisdom Teeth Removal

It’s important that impacted wisdom teeth are removed as soon as possible to provide pain relief and to prevent any possible illnesses that infected and impacted molars can cause. A tooth extraction is the first step toward restoring the healthy structure of the mouth and it allows for dental implants or other dental procedures that recreate natural-looking teeth. Fortunately, Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S. is in the top 1% of dental care providers and can provide gentle, safe, and efficient tooth extractions in Studio City.

Performing All Types of Tooth Extraction Procedures

Dr. Alexander Ash is prepared for all tooth extraction procedures and even has the materials, doctors, and expertise necessary to sedate patients who don’t feel comfortable during dental procedures.

Patients value Dr. Alexander Ash’s gentle and skillful techniques for:

While tooth extraction is hardly ever a pleasant experience, Alex and our team make sure to provide you with everything you need to make your dental experience pleasant and enjoyable. Our dedication to patients is evident in the way we not only perform our work but also our ability to provide post-extraction, follow-up care.

Here to Address All of Your Concerns

Whenever a tooth extraction is necessary, it’s crucial that it be carried out properly and in a clean, sanitary environment so that recovery time is as short as possible and the chance of serious complications is eliminated. Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S. is warm and welcoming, and our entire staff strives to help calm and relax patients before, during, and after all dental procedures.

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