DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING (including water) for eight (8 hours prior to surgery, if being sedated. It is important though to take any regular medications (high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc. ) or pre-medication prescription we have provided, using only a small sipof water.


  • Activity: After leaving the dental office relax for the remainder of the day and avoid any strenuous or aerobic activities and exercise for several days.
  • Swelling: Some swelling may be present the day after the surgery and may peak at 48 to 72 hours after surgery. To help reduce swelling place an ice pack on the outside of the face over the operated area, alternating on and off at 15 minute intervals, for the remainder of the day after surgery.
  • Medications: Please follow all prescribed medication instructions. It is recommended that one Ibuprofen 800mg tablet (or the equivalent: 4 x 200mg Advil tablets) be taken prior to the local anesthetic wearing off following the surgery o reduce swelling and pain. Should any adverse reactions arise such as nausea, itching, swelling or allergic symptoms discontinue all medication(s) and contact our office immediately.
  • Bleeding: Minimal bleeding may occur after surgery and pink discoloration of your saliva for several hours, however bright red bleeding is not to be expected. Should bleeding occur hold a moistened gauze over the area for 15 minutes until the bleeding stops. If bleeding continues, call our office.
  • Eating / Drinking: For the first week avoid foods that are too hot, cold, crunchy, sticky, spicy or require chewing. Eat only soft foods that are of moderate temperature and that do not require chewing as it creates suction which may tear sutures and cause bleeding. Do not use a straw or chew from opposite side of surgery as both of these cause the same suction effects.
  • Dressing Care: If a dressing has been placed over the surgical site try to stay away from it for the first few days. The dressing is primarily for comfort. If the dressing should fall off it is okay to leave it off.
  • Oral Hygiene: DO NOT BRUSH OR FLOSS the surgical area for a few days, continue to brush and floss the rest of your teeth. DO NOT RINSE, SPIT ORUSE A STRAW for 72 hours because the suction can pull out the blood clot.
  • Smoking: DO NOT SMOKE AFTER SURGERY for at least 2 weeks to prevent risk of complications including getting a dry socket. Tobacco use severely interferes with the healing process.