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Dinosaurs Had Teeth Too! Long Lasting Teeth

Genetics and routine dental care, factor into the overall well-being of an individual’s health. Some people experience cavities and even root canals often, while other people never experience a single cavity or periodontal diseases. But teeth are meant to last a lifetime, or even longer, depending on the quality of dental care received over the expanse of a life. Teeth consist of hard enamel, or bone materialRemoving plaque from the surface of teeth through daily brushingflossing, and mouthrinse, in addition to visiting a dentist regularly will help to keep a bright smile and a healthy mouth. Twice annual visits to the dentist prior to any oral pain or discomfort is considered preventative dentistry. This type of oral care attempts to prevent diseases in the oral cavity while maintaining the integrity and structure of the healthy teeth.

A child, within 6 months of infancy soon starts developing baby teeth—20 impermanent teeth that begin falling out between 6 to 10 years of age. Baby teeth fall out in order to allow for the growth and expansion of the jaw, which then accommodates adult teeth as a child grows. Children, who drink water high in natural fluoride, are less likely to develop cavities as they age therefore protecting their smile. Adult teeth should successfully last as chomping, gnawing, and biting tools, for decades depending on the quality of care. Healthy teeth, as hard material and bone matter, may exist upwards of 500 years after an individual’s burial.

Think of dinosaur fossils, or long deceased animal remains. Many of the skeletons, skulls, and teeth still exist in a similar condition as the creature died. Teeth are meant to last, surviving those who used them by hundreds of years. Because of this fact, investigators and forensic odontologists are able to identify a human’s remains years after their death, long after the flesh deteriorates. To better understand forensic odontology and how people identify remains, please read more by clicking HERE.

To help protect your teeth, for as long as you will need them, visit a dentist’s office today for an annual checkup and cleaningDr. Ash and his professional dental care staff in Studio City can help to preserve your teeth and clean that smile. From teeth bleaching to oral appliances for the treatment of teeth grinding and sleep apnea, Dr. Ash strives to treat patients in southern California’s Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and Toluca Lake areas. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Ash is the founder of Studio Dental Care. He earned his Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by two General Residencies at New York-Presbyterian / Weill-Cornell Hospital and the UCLA Sepulveda VA Hospital.

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