Dr. Farzad Mahjoubi, MD

Dr. Farzad Mahjoubi

Dr. Farzad Mahjoubi, MD


Our board-certified anesthesiologist provides comfortable, effective, and safe anesthesia for dental patients of all ages.

Dr. Farzad Mahjoubi completed a three-year anesthesiology residency program at USC after attending Chicago Medical School. This program included training at the Los Angeles County Medical Center as well as the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

He gained invaluable experience in the fields of pediatrics and internal medicine before becoming a medical residency graduate in anesthesiology. He then joined the anesthesia group at Northridge Hospital as one of the few anesthesiologists to perform anesthesia on pediatric patients of all ages, including young patients with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other special needs. He currently splits his time between dental offices, Surgical Centers, and Marina Del Rey Hospital.

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