What You Need to Know About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants, simply known as sealants, are thin layers of plastic material applied to teeth in order to better prevent decay and cavities. Sealants are normally painted on the back, permanent molars and premolars in children and young adults. However, sealants have been effective at preventing decay in adults as well. Although flossing, brushing, and the use of mouthwash greatly reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, plaque can slip through the cracks, literally. Oral bacteria from food and beverages finds its way into the tiny crevices and fissures on the top surfaces of teeth—the spots that are difficult to clean with the thick bristles of a toothbrush. Dental sealants can help by filling the fissures with the plastic material, hardening, and creating a surface that is virtually impossible to penetrate.

Dr. Alexander Ash of Studio Dental Care provides Dental Sealants and other specialty dental services.

How do Dental Sealants Work?

The dental sealant application process is simple, generally, takes one appointment, and is non-invasive.

  • First, the teeth have to be cleaned in a routine dental visit
  • The teeth that will be treated with the dental sealant are rinsed with a special gel
  • Then the teeth are rinsed and dried again
    • Keeping the teeth dry through the application process is important to the binding of the sealant to the teeth
  • The sealant is then applied in liquid form to fill the fissures of the teeth (typically the back molars)
  • Oftentimes, dentists will shine a special curing light on the sealant to harden the surface
  • The sealant process is completed in one office visit, and oftentimes takes less than a half hour to fully cure

Sealants are a great way to protect the back molars from an increased threat of cavities and decay. Properly applied professional sealants may last up to 10 years, improving the function of teeth and overall dental health for patients. For more information pertaining to dental sealants, please follow the link to the official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC.

Individual patients should discuss specific cases with his or her primary, professional dentist. Dr. Alexander Ash of Studio Dental Care in Studio City, California is accepting new patients for general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. To speak with a customer care representative, contact Studio Dental Care about services such as routine dental cleanings, dental sealants, teeth whitening, tooth extractions, and more.

Dr. Ash is the founder of Studio Dental Care. He earned his Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by two General Residencies at New York-Presbyterian / Weill-Cornell Hospital and the UCLA Sepulveda VA Hospital.

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