What Causes Bad Breath?

Blaming garlic and onion for consistent bad breath? Last night’s pizza may not be the offender of the mouth odor experienced today. Bad breath may be a periodical concern or a consistent issue that can make anyone to be self-conscious. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help monitor and eliminate some elements of bad breath, but there are some surprising causes of mouth odor.

Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, suggests that excess bacteria residing in the mouth may produce foul odors. But superfluous bacterium is not the only cause of bad breath. Certain medical conditions or pharmaceutical medications can also be the culprit of unpleasant breath. For people experiencing breath with urine-like odors, even after brushing, halitosis may be a sign of kidney failure and the patient should consult a dentist or seek medical attention to determine the exact cause. In addition, people, who are diagnosed with diabetes, often experience a fruity mouth odor. Many medications used to treat health conditions cause dry mouth, or xerostomia, in medical terminology. When an individual experiences dry mouth, less saliva is produced to help fight and neutralize bacteria. This is seen in most people who wake up experiencing “morning breath.” Often during sleep, people rest with their mouths open causing the dry-mouth sensation, and thereby their bad “morning breath.”

Chronic bad breath occurs in people who use tobacco and alcohol products regularly. Alcohol and tobacco goods create dry mouth by reducing the amount of saliva the body produces, again resulting in an increase of bacteria and a worse oral odor. Gum disease, and other periodontal diseases, in addition to cavities, increases the possibility of having bad breath due to excess bacteria in the oral cavity.

In order to help prevent and control bad breath, maintaining an oral health regimen is important. Brushingflossing, using mouthrinse, and visiting a dentist biannually can help to monitor unpleasant mouth odors. Using ADA approved products and a strong form of mouthrinse, people can help to prevent further bad breath. Consult a professional dentist, like Dr. Ash at Studio Dental Care in Studio City, California. Dr. Alexander Ash serves the entire Los Angeles area including Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, and Burbank with general, cosmetic, and family dental services. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Dr. Ash is the founder of Studio Dental Care. He earned his Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by two General Residencies at New York-Presbyterian / Weill-Cornell Hospital and the UCLA Sepulveda VA Hospital.

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