Dentistry in the News

Politics, economics, health, entertainment, and technology all qualify as news, but sometimes dentistry in the news is overlooked. Dr. Alexander Ash at Studio Dental Care wants to keep his patients and readers informed with current dentistry in the news. Read a synopsis of some articles in recent news and follow the links to read the full articles posted on the original published websites.

GKAS Super Bowl style – published by the American Dental Association

Members of the New Orleans’ Saints NFL teamed up with dental hygienists and dental assistants in order to promote children’s oral health care for fourth and fifth graders. The day was spent running football drills and teaching about good health choices for diet and dental lifestyles. The oral health outreach program sought to help children and families affected by Hurricane Isaac. Students received immediate dental care consisting of routine cleanings and minor procedures needed to eliminate excess bacteria and prevent further decay.

Modern Diet Is Rotting Our Teeth – published by ADA Journal

Studies are being conducted comparing ancient fossils and teeth remains to current dental trends.d After viewing the results, dentists and researchers suggest that contemporary diets, with excess sugar intake, are causing teeth to rot at untimely rates. The foods people consume today are less diversified than the foods of our human ancestors. Researchers thereby propose that the unfortunate condition of current dental health leaves individuals in a constant state of dental decay.

Lions and tigers and bears – published by the American Dental Association

Dr. Edward Shagam spends his life and earns his living by treating zoo animals with dental procedures, placing his hands into mouths that often threaten to bite back. Skilled at his profession, Dr. Shagam, theorizes and diagnosis ailments from aggressive behavior to root canals by using animal oral care techniques. By helping to treat zoo animals, Dr. Shagam helps to save lives while keeping peace in the animal kingdom.

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