Calcium and Bone Strength

Children grow up hearing how drinking calcium-rich milk makes healthy bones and strong people. Generally, it is not until an older age that people understand the unfortunate consequences of diets that lack calcium.

The body does not produce calcium on its own but needs this mineral to grow healthy bones, including the enamel that strengthens teeth (one-third of permanent teeth consist of calcium). Calcium intake is important during developmental years, throughout a person’s late twenties, and even into later adult and elderly years. Furthermore, milk and other dairy products contain high concentrates of calcium that are especially necessary for growing individuals who have a family history of osteoporosis.

A diet deprived of calcium, in either supplemental forms (like vitamins), or through foods like milk, cheese, and yogurts, may be detrimental to overall health. Without retaining or ingesting the appropriate amounts of calcium, the body depletes calcium from its bone supply, thereby weakening a person’s bones, including teeth. Consequences may arise when people experience severe calcium deficiencies. Symptoms may manifest as canker sores around or near the mouth, or ulcerations.

Healthcare professional and dentists like Dr. Alexander Ash of Studio Dental Care, support proper nutrition for overall health. Attending the dentist’s office regularly for routine cleanings and checkups also play a key role in good oral health. Dr. Ash and his friendly team offer solutions to all dental issues such as veneers and teeth whitening for cosmetic dentistry issues and teeth extractionsleep apnea appliances, and sedation dentistry for specialty dentistry issues. Contact Dr. Ash today to schedule an appointment, or find out more information regarding dental care.

Dr. Ash is the founder of Studio Dental Care. He earned his Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by two General Residencies at New York-Presbyterian / Weill-Cornell Hospital and the UCLA Sepulveda VA Hospital.

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