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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in the Los Angeles Area

Tooth extractions are necessary for several different reasons, including when a tooth has suffered from decay or damage that makes it beyond repair. Extractions are also necessary in order to remove impacted wisdom teeth that cause pain, infection, or detriment to orthodontic work by overcrowding the mouth–and also to begin the first stages of orthodontic treatment, such as braces. Whether wisdom teeth remain impacted or exposed, most times they cause a threat to adjacent teeth, nerves, and the jaw because of misalignment. Also, oftentimes it is important that impacted wisdom teeth be removed as soon as possible to provide pain relief and to prevent any possible illnesses that infected and impacted molars can cause. A tooth extraction is the first step toward restoring the healthy structure of the mouth, and it allows for dental implants or other dental procedures that recreate natural-looking teeth.

Dr. Alexander Ash is prepared for all tooth extraction procedures, in addition to providing anesthesia for sedation in certain cases to ensure patients’ comfort during procedures. Patients value Dr. Ash’s gentle and skillful techniques for both surgical removal of impacted molars and for simple removal of teeth that are then replaced with implants. While tooth extraction is hardly ever a pleasant experience, the dedication which Dr. Ash has toward providing the best possible dental care in the Los Angeles area is evident in the way in which he not only performs his work but also provides post-extraction, follow-up care.

Whenever a tooth extraction is necessary, it is crucial that it be carried out properly and in a clean, sanitary environment so that recovery time is as short as possible and the chance of serious complications is eliminated. The office of Studio Dental Care is warm and welcoming, and the staff strives to help calm and relax patients before, during, and after all dental procedures.