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Teeth Whitening Studio City With Dr. Alexander Ash

Teeth Whitening is a process that has helped numerous people all around Los Angeles. This is a common are of Cosmetic Dentistry, as we have noticed that teeth become pale in color as you age. Especially if you consume Tobacco, Coffee, or Tea on a regular basis. Teeth Whitening is also required by people who have been affected with stained teeth due to natural factors such as wear and tear that cause your enamel to dull.

At Studio Dental Care we make sure you get the utmost satisfaction, and that is the reason why we use the Modern Bleaching and Teeth Whitening process. It removes both intrinsic and external stains; it also allows you to have the perfect white teeth again. External stains are caused when you get in touch with the exterior surface of the teeth and cause them to darken. Intrinsic stains affect the interior of the teeth and are also seen from the exterior, and these include discolorations that have been evident since birth or childhood due to genetic factors or medications. Thus, we at Studio Dental Care are the leaders in teeth whitening services in Los Angeles.

Studio City teeth whitening

What is the teeth whitening process

We know that you have a lot of options available to improve the appearance of discolored teeth such as Toothpastes, Rinses, Over the Counter Strips, Tray Based Bleaching and in office teeth bleaching. But we at Studio Dental Care provide you with the best possible teeth whitening care by applying safe material directly to the teeth, all of this done in our clinic located in Studio City California. As our former clients mostly prefer these teeth whitening treatment since other methods might require two to four month of treatment. These safe, chemical solutions return teeth to a bright, natural color by removing stains and other impurities that cause the tooth enamel to become discolored.

White teeth are possible to have! Studio Dental Care will help you get the smile you have always wanted.

While the in-office teeth whitening sessions that Studio Dental Care offers provide patients with the fastest results, we also offer at-home bleaching trays along with careful instruction on how to use them safely, comfortably, and effectively to get the best results.

Today, bleaching and teeth whitening are simple procedures that can be done at home or under the supervision and instruction of a skilled cosmetic dentist. Dr. Alexander Ash offers whitening treatments at Studio Dental Care‘s office and provides high-quality, reliable home treatments and instruction that produce lasting results as they help to restore and preserve the natural appearance of your teeth and smile. Call us today to learn more about our dental services!

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