Studio City Teeth Cleaning

Routine teeth cleanings keep your teeth healthy and looking their best!

Routine Teeth Cleaning in Studio City

Many people underestimate the importance of routine, professional cleanings. While brushing your teeth several times a day and flossing every day, especially after meals, is very beneficial, plaque and tarter can still build up and produce bacteria that attack the teeth and cause dental disease. In order to remove this buildup and prevent against cavities and infection, it is important to receive professional teeth cleanings every three months.


Studio Dental Care’s staff of trained, qualified dental hygienists is committed to providing a high level of oral care and comfort

Dr. Alexander Ash offers deep cleanings, including scaling, root planing, and polishing to stop gum disease before it has a chance to cause further damage. Dr. Ash also offers cleanings under sedation for patients who are uncomfortable or who experience anxiety during procedures. In addition, the office of Studio Dental Care features Cavitron, which is one of the latest advances in dental cleaning technology. Cavitron is an ultrasonic scaling unit that delivers outstanding clinical results through a vibrating scaler that produces sound waves to break down tartar and remove tartar from under the gum line to protect teeth, gum, and bone tissue.

A visit to Studio Dental Care in Studio City every three months for routine checkups is the best way to ensure and maintain healthy oral health.