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Do you have problems with your dental implants or gums? You may need a Periodontist.

A periodontist is a highly trained dental specialist who focuses performs procedures on the gum, bone, root, and soft tissue that make up the supporting structures of the teeth. These procedures include reconstructive surgery, such as dental implants, as well as treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease, which attack the gums and jawline and may lead to tooth loss or jaw damage.

Periodontal screening is recommended in order to detect any problems that may affect the gums and to stop periodontal disease in its earliest stages in order to prevent any damage to the teeth. Bleeding gums while brushing can often be the first sign of gum disease. If this occurs, it is recommended to consult a periodontist or a general dentist as soon as possible so that treatment and prevention of further damage can begin.

Dr. Alexander Ash provides periodontal screening at his Studio Dental Care office which serves Studio City, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles with a full-spectrum of dental services. Dr. Ash recommends periodontal screenings at regular intervals, in addition to at the first sign of bleeding or discomfort at the gum line.

Studio Dental Care’s periodontist trains and educates periodontists of the future!

Dr. Alon Frydman is a Periodontist who divides his time between private practice and academia as a part-time faculty member of the USC School of Dentistry. After Graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Frydman continued his dental education through a three-year residency in Periodontology at USC focusing on implants and periodontics. After completing his specialty residency, Dr. Frydman was invited to become an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC. Dr. Frydman teaches both dental students and doctors who are in residency for periodontics. Recently, Dr. Frydman was awarded the Part-Time Faculty Award in Periodontics for his dedication and contributions to educating his students.

Dr. Frydman serves as a consultant for Blackwell Willey, a publication company responsible for multiple dental journals and texts. Dr. Frydman is also involved in the research of topics such as Down Syndrome Associated Periodontitis, Oral Malodor, and Restoration of Esthetic Regions with Implants in Patients Suffering from Aggressive Periodontitis. Dr. Frydman hopes to become a full-time professor in the coming years while still maintaining a limited private practice.

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