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It is essential that children have healthy teeth and good oral hygiene.

Dental health and oral care habits begin at early childhood. Even before the first baby teeth appear, it is important for parents to maintain good oral hygiene for their babies. Once teeth are present, it is time for a visit to the pediatric dentist for a checkup and cleaning, as well as to address quickly any dental problems that may be occurring.


Oral health education at childhood helps to prevent cavities and oral health problems in adulthood!

A good pediatric dentistry practice also provides dental education to both parents and children so children learn how to maintain their teeth properly and what foods and drinks can cause damage to their teeth. Cavities are especially common in children and early detection and treatment of pediatric cavities is important in order to prevent further damage to the tooth, gums and mouth. Even though primary teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene and to have periodic dental exams during early childhood so that space is properly maintained for the permanent teeth to grow properly and achieve their proper strength. In addition, good oral hygiene habits at childhood are very likely to transfer to adulthood, which essentially ensures a healthy mouth and oral care later in life. A pediatric dentist can also give proper advice about orthodontics and other procedures that may be needed during the teenage years.

While Dr. Alexander Ash encourages you to find out more about pediatric dentistry because it is an important beginning step to a patient’s future oral health. Dr. Ash provides a broad spectrum of general and cosmetic dentistry services to satisfied patients in Studio City, Beverly Hills and the entire Los Angeles area.

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