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Orthodontics refers to the straightening of teeth and is usually associated with traditional metal-wired braces. Malocclusions refer to cases in which the upper and lower teeth are not properly aligned in relation to one another or in cases in which spaces between individual teeth are too wide. Malocclusions occur because of minor jaw malformations at birth and because of conditions and situations which put pressure on a patient’s teeth.


Studio Dental Care is an Invisalign provider in the Los Angeles area.

While traditional, metal braces are often still considered the standard form of orthodontic treatment, today, Invisalign has become a popular replacement for braces and is generally accepted by dentists, orthodontists, and patients alike. Invisalign uses clear plastic alignment trays to move the teeth into alignment. It is a preferred method because the aligner trays are more comfortable and less difficult to maintain than traditional, metal-wired braces. Also, invisalign allows for better access to and in between the teeth for more advanced hygiene. More and more with Invisalign technology advancements, this modern form of tooth movement is becoming more and more the standard and preferred form of treatment for minor cases.

Studio Dental Care is an Invisalign provider, and Dr. Ash is capable of treating his patients with Invisalign and does so with thorough consultations and treatment plans. Dr. Alexander Ash informs patients in Studio City, Beverly Hills, And Los Angeles that, in many cases, Invisalign can be just as effective as traditional, metal-wired braces for many patients.

For an initial consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for invisalign, please contact the office for a private one on one discussion with Dr. Ash as to what modality of treatment would be best for you!

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