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Invisalign provides a subtly aesthetic tray to correct orthodontic issues, such as spaced teeth, over-crowded teeth, teeth that are out of alignment including crossbites, underbites, and overbites. By correcting such teeth spacing issues, Invisalign can have overall positive health effects. Due to the positioning of the jaw and teeth in patients with bite irregularities, these patients are more likely to experience tooth chipping, tooth fracturing, and painful jaw and joint problems. Patients with spaced teeth may be more vulnerable to gum problems and may experience more plaque buildup from overly crowded teeth.

Both traditional metal-wired braces and Invisalign braces are used to correct these types of orthodontic issues. While Dr. Alexander Ash is not an orthodontist and does not specialize in traditional metal-wired braces, Studio Dental Care is an Invisalign Provider, and Dr. Ash is capable of treating his patients with this method of corrective treatment thorough customized treatment plans.


Invisalign’s smooth, BPA-free plastic aligner trays are worn over the teeth, are easy to care for, and are removable for brushing, flossing, and eating.

Invisalign is a more modern and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal-wired braces. These aligner trays use balanced force to shift the patient’s teeth into their proper place in increments that are specific to each patient’s individual treatment plan. The trays’ clear, thermoplastic material is very discrete and does not irritate the gums or mouth the way traditional, metal-wired braces do.

While cases vary from patient to patient, treatment with Invisalign takes approximately twelve months. When Studio City dentist, Dr. Alexander Ash, treats patients with Invisalign, he designs a precise treatment plan for each individual patient based off of x-rays, pictures, and impressions of the patient’s teeth. In order to progress through treatment, Invisalign aligners require visits approximately every two weeks so the patient can receive a new set of aligners.

Invisalign is becoming the new standard in treating misaligned teeth, and is even recommended for patients whose teeth have shifted after treatment with traditional, metal-wired braces. In the Los Angeles area, Dr. Alexander Ash of Studio Dental Care ensures a precise formulation of an Invisalign treatment plan and ensures that Invisalign aligners are properly fitted to the exact specifications needed to guarantee the best results for each patient.

For more information on Invisalign, the Invisalign processes, or questions regarding Invisalign costs, please follow the link to the official Invisalign site by clicking HERE.
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