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Dental Veneers – Fix discolored, chipped, and irregular teeth with Studio Dental Care

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The main purposes of dental veneers, also known as porcelain laminates, are to fix discolored teeth, worn down, chipped, broken, irregular, or spaced out teeth. A portion of the enamel of the tooth is removed in order for a thin, shell-like veneer to be temporarily bonded and, ultimately, permanently cemented to it. Studio Dental Care is a leader in Studio City dental veneers.

The two main types of veneers are porcelain and composite. Below are more detailed information on the two types of dental veneers.

– Porcelain veneers are a typical component of cosmetic dentistry. This restoration consists of thin layers of dental porcelain that are affixed to the tooth surface and resemble the surface of ideal natural teeth.

– Composite veneers are made of composite acrylic resin and are bonded to the teeth with special resin-based bonding agents.

Other than porcelain and composite veneers, there are also lumineers.

– Lumineers are special porcelain laminates that are treated and made to last for over twenty years and are easily bonded to the teeth with little preparation in a couple office visits. Lumineers are quite a bit thinner than traditional veneers, which allows for less reduction of the original tooth surface.

All three of these cosmetic dentistry techniques are aspects of the comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services that Dr. Alexander Ash offers to patients of Studio City’s Studio Dental Care, from which he serves the entire Los Angeles area. Dr. Ash strives to do everything he can to ensure his patients’ smiles remain happy, bright, and healthy. Dr. Ash is the best in Studio City dental veneers. Please contact Studio Dental Care‘s Dr. Alexander Ash, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the advantages and disadvantages of these cosmetic dentistry services.

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