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Crowns and Bridges Restoration by Dr. Alexander Ash

What are crowns and bridges, and when are they necessary?

When a tooth has experienced a lot of decay, a porcelain crown is placed on the tooth in order to keep it from worsening by fracturing or losing more tooth substance, which can make a problem more severe and restoration more difficult.

When one tooth or more is missing, a complete set of dentures is generally unnecessary. In this situation, a false tooth is held in place by being attached to an adjacent tooth–this is known as a bridge, which allows a dentist to replace a missing tooth without implementing a denture or dental implant.

A fixed bridge replaces missing teeth and remains in the mouth permanently, usually only needing replacement every ten years or so. Dr. Alexander Ash recommends fixed bridges not only to restore the appearance of the mouth when a tooth is lost, but also to restore and rejuvenate the pleasure of normal eating and to prevent drift of adjacent teeth.

Studio Dental Care can restore a single tooth that has been damaged by wear and tear, root canals, or fillings to its original appearance with a long-lasting porcelain crown that serves as a permanent cap. Dr. Alexander Ash is an expert in restoring all or parts of teeth that have been damaged with porcelain crowns and fixed bridges. Studio Dental Care prides itself on using only the top laboratories to create crowns and bridges for ideal comfort and appearance, ensuring that they appear quite exactly like natural teeth.

Have your mouth feeling great with our restorative dental procedures!

Sometimes, regardless of how much care we take of our natural teeth, restoration or replacement of one or more teeth is needed. Studio Dental Care provides restorative dental procedures to satisfied patients in Studio City and Beverly Hills, as well as throughout the Los Angeles area. Dr. Alexander Ash is always available and prepared to make sure your crowns and bridges look and feel just as good as your natural teeth.